Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catching Up

Hmmm, I have a lot of catching up to do. I must say, summer has kept me busy and I haven't made the time to update this blog as I should. So sorry.

Last week, we went out golfing through my work. It was our second time....ever..... *grin* Of course, we did splendid, because we are fast learners and very athletic! ha ha But it was fun. Naturally, I couldn't find my sunglasses that day....or our sunblock....but thankfully, it was a bit cloudy so I turned "raspberry red" instead of "neon red."

We were exhausted after that, so no softball game for us. But on the way home, we did get to see this neat Snapping Turtle. We tried coaxing it away from the road. It didn't budge. But it gave us a couple of good "snaps" to fend us off!

Saturday was another lovely day. Except I got flustered with doing grochery shopping and errands....and was a bit antsy and couldn't settle down to chores at home....and so didn't get much done till afternoon....BUT BESIDES THAT....it was great. I did get stuff done later in the afternoon, and had some down time too. :)

Sunday we travelled to a church singspiration. It was fun singing and sharing.
After that, we came home in time for a friend's baptism.

And that was our weekend!

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Keren said...

wow, It looks like it was very lovely at her baptism.


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