Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things Kids Say :)

Kid: "Guess what I learned last week?!"

Me: "What?"

K: "I learned the two Hebrew names for God!."

Me: " What are they?"

K: "Jehovah and Yawaeh!"

Me: "Those are really neat! Good job."

Me: "The younger son sure made a mess of things. He even had to go feed pigs their gross garbage food. Have any of you been around stinky pigs?"

Kid: "Guess what? I have 3 goats. One is brown, the other is brown with white spots, and the other is black."

Me: "That's fun. Do you have any pigs?"

K: "I'm going to take my goats to the fair next week."

Me: "Remember, one of our rules in our class is don't stand on the table."

Kid: "Look at me! I'm sitting on the table!"

Me: "We're going to pray now, and then be done with class. Does anyone have anything you'd like to pray about?"

Kid 1: "Safe travel."

Kid 2 : "Moving."

Kid 3: "Dad not to miss us while we are visiting"

Me: "Would anyone like to pray?"

Kid 3: "Oh, I would!"

Me: "Ok. Let's remember what we'd like to pray about."

Kid 3: "Ok. Dear God, please help my sibling not be so mean. AMEN!!!"


Brittnee said...

These quotes make me smile:)

Keren said...

hehe, I was taking a video during the prayer :) I showed it to Mom and Anna.

Katie said...

Kids are so honest aren't they? Ha ha

martha said...

hey, keren I want to see that!


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