Monday, July 14, 2008

July Holidays

I think it's about time to check out the holidays and special days this month! Here is a list that I find fun:

July Is...
  • National Blueberry Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month

15th Tapicoa Pudding Day
15th Cow Appreciation Day
19th National Raspberry Cake Day
20th Moon Day
20th National Ice Cream Day (Sunday)
22nd Hammock Day
23rd National Hot Dog Day
23rd Vanilla Ice Cream Day
24th Cousins Day
26th Aunt and Uncle Day
27th Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
27th Parents Day
28th National Milk Chocolate Day
29th National Lasagna Day
30th National Cheesecake Day

Of Course, most of these are food items....but I find it stimulating my creativity for our weekly menus!

Here's a peek at August Days too...

2nd Ice Cream Sandwhich Day
3rd Friendship Day
3rd Watermelon Day
7th National Lighthouse Day
10th National S'mores Day
13th Left Handers Day
17th National Thriftshop Day
30th Toasted Marshmallow Day


martha said...

Yea for the 13th of August! And all the ice cream days sound like a good plan too. :)

Fawn said...

I see the above comment, and I was going to write the exact same thing!! no one should forget left-handers day!
and....july 27th..take your pants for a walk day?!


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