Thursday, July 3, 2008

God the Creator

Last night was the beginning of another 3 month program at our church. This time, Lori, Keren, and I are teaching all ages of kids on Wednesday nights, about the characteristics of God. For the month of July, our topics are:

  1. God is our Creator

  2. God is Holy

  3. God is Just

  4. God is Merciful

  5. God is Love
Last night was lots of fun as we learned about all God created!

Before class, Lori and I snuck into the back room to blow up balloons for our "Orange Fish" craft (below)
First, we did an object lesson about how God can create everything from nothing:

  • Have a bag of legos. Pour out on table and ask, "What can you make with these?"

  • Let kids respond.

  • Have 2nd bag (empty) and "pour" out on table and ask, "What can you make with this?"

  • Allow responses.

  • Talk about how God is so powerful and great, that He can make something out of nothing.

Then, we told the Creation story in sign language, while the kids colored fins for their fish. We also had a mystery bag of objects for each day of creation. Lori sat next to Megan and pulled out an object as I told the story, to keep Megan interested.

Then, we went for a walk down to the Lake.
While we walked, we played the game, "I Spy" but with a twist. It went, "I spy something God created on the 3rd day of creation!" (plants and dirt, etc)

We ate our snack while we walked.

Our memory verse for this month is, Psalm 9:1

"I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done."

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Keren said...

Oh it looks so fun! I wish I could have been there. Cool!


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