Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God's Character

The next 3 months, we are doing a new unit in our Wednesday night class.

For 13 weeks, we are studying the characteristics of God. We've had 3 lessons so far. It's been really fun.

Two Sundays ago, about 5 of us went calling down the street where I live. We met all sorts of interesting people, a few of who were interested. We were excited to find out last Wednesday, that a family that had been invited decided to come! That was neat! Please be praying that more families will be interested.

To catch up, here is last week's lesson on God is Just.

Topic: God is Just


  • Read Bible story - Parable of the Talents, let kids sit on quilt on floor and play with stick puppets while reading. Encourage them to think about how the king was a just king, by giving the men what they deserved.
  • Have treasure hunt for "lost" coins around basement. (Pre-made, paper coins, hidden by us teachers)
  • Come back to story area, and read 2nd Bible story about Jesus answering the Tax Question. Talk about how He is fair.
  • Object lesson at table: Hand out small packages of M&Ms to every kid, but have different amounts in each package. Allow the kids to complain about the unfairness. Remind them that, while sometimes people are unfair, God is NEVER unfair!
  • Have snack (crackers and cheese) while making craft (popsicle stick frame around memory verse Psalm 9:1)
  • Pray

Coming up tomorrow will be God is Merciful. I will try and take some pictures and get our lesson plan on here sooner. :)

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