Tuesday, September 16, 2008

About Organization

I've just finished reading this book....and it was really great! I'm kind of an organizing junkie anyway (though I don't always apply what I learn), but this book was full of fun and useful tips. I checked it out at our library. You should check it out at yours!
Here are just some of the things I copied out of the book:
  • Put rubber car mats over your wind shield in the winter and they won't frost over.
  • To get more juice from a lemon, microwave it for 30 seconds. You'll get twice the juice and loose no nutritional value.
  • Write your check for the total bill amount, before coupons, and then put that cash toward a savings goal you have.
  • If you want de-boned chicken breasts, put in the whole chicken breasts and parboil them for 10 to 12 minutes, and the meat will peel right off the bone.
  • A toddler can set the table. Make a placemat out of paper and draw the shapes of the fork, plate, spoon, and glass. The child gets to put each item in its proper place.
  • Set 90 day goals in these categories:
  1. Physical goals (ex. 50 sit ups by such and such date)
  2. Spiritual goals (read a chapter from the Bible every day)
  3. Community support goals (hand out red cross fliers)
  4. Mental goals (memorize the 50 state capitals)
  5. Social goals (invite so and so over for supper)
  6. Professional goals (study one new course)
  7. Financial goals (save so much toward this thing by so and so date)
  8. Marriage/family goals (do a family fun outing once a month)

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Abbi said...

That sounds like a neat book. I enjoy those types as well and have checked a bunch of them out from the library but not that one yet.


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