Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Isn't this a nice dog? I think so. It's my sister and brother-in-law's "new dog." (dog sitting....possibly long term)

He's only four months old and so has lots of energy and personality. I love how he cocks his nice floppy ears. And he's hilarious when you come home after being gone for a while.....pretty much terorizes you.

Poor Sami gets knocked over when he jumps.....even though he's small. Daddy and Mommy are trying to teach her to say, "No, Chester. Down," and push him down with her hands. She pretty much just squints and squirms away and then follows through with the procedures while Chester is busy terorizing someone else.

We had a fun weekend visiting them and attending the Labor Day Rally. We heard some good thoughts from the speaker, Paul Barber, especially his encouragement on Submission and Discipleship.

For one of the sermons I went down to help Becky with class. What a fun bunch of kids! She told them the story of Moses and the Israelites in the dessert while they played in sheet tents. Then we went for a walk and found our memory verses and also some manna and quail. They also drank "water from the rock" (drinking fountain).

While we were waiting for them to come back from drinking, the other kids were getting antsy. I had a hilarious time with them. I was trying to encourage them to sit down, but they, of course being kids, didn't want to sit.

Instead of wasting my voice, I plopped down on the carpet, turned to the kid standing next to me and said, "I'm sitting on a big purple mushroom. What are you sitting on?" and I patted the floor next to me. She plopped down and said, "I'm sitting on a big purple mushroom too!"

I turned to the girl next to her and asked the same thing while patting the floor, and she plopped down too, saying, "I'm sitting on a grape!"

I just had to laugh as we went around the room and the kids told me what they were "sitting on." Did you know you can sit on alligators, old grapes, blueberries, ponies, logs, clouds, empty air, porcupines, toadstools, etc?!!

After a few minutes I said I was tired of my mushroom, so on the count of 3 we all switched places and did it again. Kids are so much fun. Who else would sit on a big purple mushroom with me?

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martha said...

You are so smart. Way to get them sitting and still having a great time!


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