Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ula's Hayride

Friday I was blessed enough to be able to leave work early and go help Ula get ready for her hayride. It was quite fun.
She guided me through making a pan of hip-huggers.
She told stories and I made cookies. It was really fun spoiling our dinner by eating hot cookies together. (I didn't know she liked hot cookies)
I peeled potatoes for potato soup.
By 5:30 people started showing up. We had thought it might rain (and it was threatening still) but it held off until 9pm. I think Ula said 130 people came! That's the biggest hayride ever.
I tried taking pictures, but for some reason they all turned out ghosty.
It was a nice warm night too, so we didn't even need our winter jackets as in some years past.

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