Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday Night Class - God, Our God.

Yup. We finished out our 13 week series on the Character of God last night. It was a lot of fun, and I certainly grew as a teacher during these 13 weeks. It was great teaching with Keren. It was fun having new kids. It was sad seeing those kids get busy with school. It was great doing my own personal Bible studies on the stories and verses we used.

Here is our last outline:

God, Our God.

  1. Bake cupcakes ahead of time so the smell fills the classroom.
  2. Play shadow game
  3. Sing action song
  4. Decorate cupcakes
  5. Make luminaries
  6. Play circle game
  7. End with prayer

Here is the way it actually worked out...

1. We put the cupcakes in the oven just in time before the kids arrived and before we sang upstairs. They baked nicely until class time. When the kids came down, they all asked (as we hoped they would) "What's that smell?" We tried guessing what it was....cupcakes....and asked them, "How do you know it's really there?" (They smelled it, but couldn't see it). We talked about how God is not someone we can see, but we know He's always there. We can "smell" Him through creation and through answered prayer.

2. We put our stickers on the calendar for bringing our Bibles. Even Mara's doll Sarah brought one.

3. We played a action game from the book Lively Bible Lessons for Preschoolers. (sung to the tune of Mullberry Bush, and fitting in other actions as we go....)

Jesus is with me when I run,

When I run, when I run.

Jesus is with me when I run;

He's with me all the time.

We ended with "when I sit," and all sat at the table and looked up Matthew 28:20 "I am with you always."

4. We decorated our cupcakes and talked about seeing and not seeing God...and how He's always near....and how He loves us individually, not just as a church group or family group....but as me.

5. We played a guessing game of shadows. We shined a flashlight behind an object behind a towel, and had the kids guess what it was, even if they couldn't see the object. (We can't see God but we know He's there)

6. We played one last game, to the tune of Farmer in the Dell (from the same book), by one person going around the circle of kids and singing, then tapping one on the head, and going around again, etc. until all the kids are out of the circle.

Jesus love me so.

Yes, Jesus loves me so.

He is with me day and night,

Whever I may go.

7. We ended with prayer. Here is the prayer chart we made a while ago.

At the end of class, after the kids went upstairs and shared the cupcakes, we realized we totally forgot the craft! Oh well. *sheepish grin*


Abbi said...

That sounds like lots of fun. The kids have been very much enjoying your classes. Thanks for all the work you do on them! They are also excited about having your mom teach them.
The candle holders they brought home are really cute. They were very excited about them and wanted to light them as soon as we got home. Megan also enjoys smelling hers often.

martha said...

Thank you for letting us peek in on your classes!
I can tell you've been spending extra time with Keren = you started your post with; Yup. :D
I miss all of you lots and lots!

Anonymous said...

Hello there sister!
I like the class idea and am going to "borrow" it tonight for my class! good job to you and Keren!
you are both very creative!
thanks for posting it!
-Becky :)


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