Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday Night Lessons - God is Faithful

Wednesday night we taught that God is Faithful.

It's beautiful fall weather up here, so we planned our lesson to incorporate that. Here is our lesson outline:

God is Faithful
  1. Attendance/Bible chart
  2. Go for a nature walk
  3. Tell story
  4. End with prayer
  • Almost every kid remembered to bring their Bible, so that was great. Although, we didn't really use them that night.

  • I handed each kid a "treasure bag" (empty ziploc), and then said we were heading off on a treasure walk. We walked all the way down to the lake, and I encouraged them to find nature things that reminded them of certain seasons (spring, fall, winter, summer)

  • We stopped at the court house's outdoor stage, and told them the story of Abraham's long wait to have a child. 20 years from when God promised to when Isaac was actually born! We talked about how God is the same, faithful, no matter what season it is or how much time passes.

  • At the lake, we stopped and ate a picnic. Keren had made up neat little brown bag snacks, an apple and a candy bar, that we thoroughly enjoyed!

  • We came back from our walk and sat on the front church steps, shared what we had in our bags, and closed with prayer.

We only have one more Wednesday left! Wow.

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Keren said...

Kinda sad... But I guess I am looking forward to going to class myself :)


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