Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What we did on Sunday

Justin Sullivan (c) Getty Images

Sunday we picked up a friend and went to church. A lot of visitors came that day. And a lot of regulars. It was pretty cool to hear all of them singing during service!
After service, we were invited over to my parents house to catch up with some old friends that were in town. We met our friend's new wife, Sarah. She is really really nice. Has a lovely laugh too. Hopefully they come to the hayride this Friday!

We ate a big lunch, Sarah's first time eating anything American!
The boys watched a football game. Then we all played a game of cards, called 10 High.

After we got home, M. took a nap. I motivated myself to go on a bike ride. My motivation was to ride over to Marketplace and get some free chocolate chips! (with coupon)

I was worn out when I got back, but it was really a nice fall day for a ride!

Now I'm craving some chocolate chip cookies.....

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