Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What we did Saturday

We have 6 students through the Internationl Family Friends program at BSU. This semester has been pretty busy for us all, so we planned a "fun day."

We invited them all over to our house for a full day, Saturday. They called us once they got up, and we went and picked them up. (Not all 6 could make it that day though, only 4)
We ate potatoe chips and clementines while playing Compatibility.
Then we cooked: Chick Pea Curry and Chicken Rendang and Papadams.
The curry didn't cook fast enough for us, but we ate it any way. (Though I must admit I got a little discouraged that it didn't turn out and so was quiet for a while)
Our neighbors had this very nice apple tree that I saw, so we tried to get a hold of them to ask if we could pick some apples. It took us 4 tries!
While we were waiting, we went to Walmart and had to drop 2 students off for work.
After we came back, we got some apples.
We cut them up and got them ready for applesauce. And we started making Caramel Popcorn.
M. went to the store and got vegetarian pizza and pop. Then we ate popcorn, pizza, and watched a really neat movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
Our day ended around 10:00pm. It was actually really fun.
We hope to go to Itasca State Park next.

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