Monday, September 8, 2008

Dinosaur Party

I had promised the kids in our Wednesday night class a Dinosaur Party if we could all bring our Bibles every Wednesday night.

I have great memories of doing tea parties and kid's campouts and snow nights growing up, and I guess that's just something I love passing on to the younger kids in our group.

I thought dinosaurs were a cool theme, and I am concerned that some of our students only hear that they came around through evolution. I really believe that God created them, along with everything else, and wanted to share that with the kids.

I spent some time looking up articles and information on dinosaurs before the party. It got a little hairy, since a lot of scientists like to argue back and forth on who's right and who's wrong and throw names around, and I didn't find a lot of easy facts.

I also found this great book at our library, and picked some of their games and crafts to do.

Here are some pictures of what we did Sunday afternoon....thanks to the wonderful help of Keren (couldn'tve done it without her! Thanks Keren!) and Mathew.

We decorated our living room like a jungle...complete with vines and monkies and grapes (?) !

We left some dinosaur footprints around....

Blew up some "Dinosaur Eggs" with baby dinosaurs inside.

Colored some wall art.

When the kids came, we started with a Egg Hatching relay race.

Next we "grew" some dinosaurs in water. (Expandable sponges)

We frosted dinosaur cookies.

We made dinosaur terreriums.

We read the Creation story from our Bibles and also the verses about the Behemoth and Leviathon. We talked about what might have happened to them, and also that I believe they lived at the same time as humans.

We made pizzas and ate edible rocks.

And we made fossils with shell imprints.

Two of the parents stayed around for the party, and mid-way through, 3 of our friends stopped by spur-of-the-moment. In all, I think we had 15 people for the afternoon!


martha said...

Way cool.

In The Potter's Hands said...

Emily You are absolutely ingeniuos with all your class and party ideas! I hope you are collecting all of these in a book because you could sale it. I know I would buy it. I'm tired of the boring college press or standard publishing lesson books. Your ideas do take a little more time to prepare and I think that's good because I believe these other companies let us be lazy. You can look at them an hour before class and be ready to go. Of course that's not a good idea because you still aren't well prepared and the kids can tell and you don't do a good job. The funnest classes I ever taught were ones where I made up my own lesson and activities but that was when I lived at home and had my mom's idea books. I'm very glad you put them on your blog but think a book would be even better!! You are blessed with a very neat talent and you are doing a good job using it!!


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