Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't try this at home....

This weekend I decided I'd had enough of leftovers.....my cupboards were a mess with bits of this and that, so it was time to clean. I planned a couple menus to use up the things in the fridge and in my cupboard. I made a crescent roll broccolli ring (I got the idea from Betsy's blog) and it was very good! I also decided to try the Homemade Granola Bars on Abbi's website. I had lots of stuff to put in....including coconut, blackberry jam, raisins, butterscotch chips, almond cereal, and some walnuts. I figured they would be very tasty and also use up my leftovers. The bars were very easy to mix up, and then they were supposed to take only 17 minutes in the oven. "Wonderful," I thought, "I'll just go use the computer while they bake!" I did. I used the computer for a long time. I used the computer until I smelled a lovely, charcol-ly, burning smell from my kitchen! Then I stopped using the computer, but it was too late. My granola bars were done perfectly....in the middle.....the edges were done to a crisp! So, my word of advice is:
  1. While baking, don't get distracted
  2. Don't start a computer game while making something
  3. Make sure your kitchen timer batteries are working

Of course, it is a prime oportunity to

  1. Check your smoke alarms
  2. Get your exersize (running to the kitchen)
  3. Clear your sinuses

Have a lovely day!



Carrie said...

What? Did they not taste good like that? I'm sure they would have been delicious.

martha said...

:D I have also done some things like that. one thing I have started doing is using the alarm on my cell phone since I almost always have it in my pocket. It helps anyway.:D


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