Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wendesday Night Lessons 101- Feb 20

Well, I didn't get my pictures uploaded, but that's okay since they weren't very many any way. :)

Last night, we were Super Slueths. Our job for the night, was to track down 3 criminals who had stolen our 3 memory verses! *dramatic music* Agent 101 (me), Agent Table-Man (Johnathan), and Agent #8(Mara) were ON THE CASE! The night began with looking through our "Mug Book" (I had taken pictures of the "criminals" and listed a short description of them in a photo book) to see who we were looking for: Lying Lydia, Stealing Syd, and Arguing Archie.
  • Lying Lydia was last seen carrying a bag of blue marbles (hence the blue marble trail left in the classroom to where she was hiding under a box).
  • Stealing Syd tends to eat grass and leave a grass (hence the clumps of streamer-looking red "grass" lying around in conspicous places!
  • Arguing Archie hates memorizing verses and likes to eat corn....candy corn. (hence the dribble of candy corn leading to his hideout in the bookcase).

Thankfully, all agents were quick on the case and tracked down these criminals with ease. After interrogation (with a flashlight) we were able to deduce where they had hidden the stolen verses.

  • Philp 2:14 was hidden in "code"
  • Ephesians 6:1 was hidden "in the dark" (needed to use the flashlight to find it pasted on the wall)
  • Ephesians 4:25 was hidden with a lot of handprints around it (the bulletin board)

We practiced keeping the criminals in jail by quoting, correctly, the memory verses. Every time we got it wrong, the criminal would get out, and we'd have to re-catch him or her.

We made a few more keys for our Agent Key Verse Ring.

We sat in the office, discussing our case, and eating Pretzels & Hot Cocoa.

Case Closed.


Jennifer said...

You are so incredibly creative. I would love to have you as a teacher! :) Good Job!

martha said...

Oh, Emily. can I please come to your class? Please?

looks like tons of fun. and they're learning at the same time. thats the way it works best.

Emily said...

Well...there are still leaps and bounds for me to learn about teaching...sometimes I get too carried away with the "games" and forget the "goods." :) But it's a lot of fun for all involved I hope!

Abbi said...

It definetely is fun for the kids!

Betsy Cradic said...

What creativity! Maybe you could come and teach my Sunday school class. :)


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