Saturday, February 23, 2008


Saturday we got to try a couple new things. Mathew went fishing with a friend, and they brought home some perch. We decided to have a fish fry for supper....and so I fried fish for the first time....and Mathew cleaned fish for the first time! We all thought it turned out very good though!

I also tried making something called 8-Treasure-Pudding, a dish a Chinese friend of ours made a loooong time ago for my family. I really really liked it, but had never been able to find out how to make it until recently. It turned out just as I remembered, I was so pleased!

Basically, I oiled a small bowl, then laid raisens and dried fruits in a pattern on the bottom. Then I layered cooked, sweetened sticky-rice over top, with a layer of red-bean paste. Then, I steamed it in my make-shift steamer (above....sorry it's sideways....can't get it to straignten out!). I let it steam for an hour. Delicious! Too bad I'm the only one who likes it :)

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