Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday Night Lessons 101 -Feb 13

Last night I planned on working on two of our six memory verses for this month. (1 Thess. 5:17 and Philp 2:14) Here is one of our verse signs that I put in code. We actually didn't get to this one last night, so we'll do it next week.
I chose to do bird tracks this week to lead us to our verse sign. I made them go up and over things and even up on the wall. They led us to the verse Pray Without Ceasing. One of the students was the "Tracker" and he got to lead us.
We then worked on that memory verse with a couple games. Here is one where they had to put the apples back together and them hang them on the tree in the right order. After that, I had my puppet "Mortimer" try and say the verse, but he didn't do a very good job and the kids had to help him out.Here is the bulletin board I made for this month. Last night, I put those glittery names of Jesus in different envelopes addressed to the kids and Mortimer. We had a mail call, and passed out the envelopes. After opening them, I talked to them about who Jesus is, and all His different names. We talked about how He wants us to follow Him. Then we taped the names up on the bulletin board.
Here are the keys we made last night. We had a lot of fun...and the kids even remembered to bring their Bibles last night too. I was impressed. We practiced looking up Revelation, and reading a verse from there. We then ate our snack and had lemonaid (I wish I had brought Hot Chocolate instead!)


martha said...

looks like a fun class. I know my girls always loved having you for their teacher.
were you wishing for hot chocolate because it was cold in the basement? :)

Jamie said...

Wow I like the code idea! Neat!


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