Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday Night Lessons 101- Feb 6

I forgot to post my lesson from last week, so here it is. We've started a new unit called "Jesus Wants Me to Follow Him." For the month of February, our challenge is to memorize 6 new verses. What I decided to do on Wed. nights, is make "Key Verse Key Chains" for the kids to take home. I copied some different key templates and printed them on cardstock. Then, I colored mine and pasted the different verses on the back. Finally, I covered them in contact paper and punched a hole in the top for the key ring.
Here is one of our verses for this month. For each of the 6 verses, I printed it out with a border, and will put it on our classroom wall. Each week, I will have a set of "tracks" to follow that should lead us to the verse on the wall for that night. This night I cut out shoe prints for the floor.

I took pictures of my students to put up on the wall. Next to their picture, I tape a "Job Card" for that night....such as "Helper: Helps teacher get crafts supplies and snacks ready" or "Encourager: Encourages the others to participate in activities, or while they are working on their craft."
We also made a Bible chart by simply using a calendar with certain dates highlighted. I've encouraged them to remember to bring their Bible to class every Wednesday. If they bring it, they will put a sticker in the right box. If they can remember every Wednesday for the next two months, we'll do something special to celebrate.

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martha said...

What nice students!


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